Born In September? You’re More Likely To Be Successful In Life, Study Finds

Born In September? You’re More Likely To Be Successful In Life, Study Finds.

“Wake me up when September ends,” sang Green Day, and you can understand why: the nights start drawing in, school starts up again and summer is most assuredly over.

But for anyone whose birthday falls during the ninth month, it just might be a different story. A new study has suggested that being born in September might be the best possible start that one can get in life.

 Born In September? You're More Likely To Be Successful In Life, Study Finds


Researchers from the University of Toronto, the University of Florida and Northwestern University in Illinois have concluded, after studying reams and reams of data, that September babies are the most likely to succeed. They collated details from public schools across the US state of Florida and deduced that children born in September were less likely to be sent to jail, more likely to feel confident and far more likely to attend college.

Furthermore, the number of babies born in September is also thought to be a major strain on the NHS. Under the theory that the majority of children are conceived at Christmas and therefore born in September or October, a midwife in London recently lost her rag on Twitter at the number of babies she was having to help out.

“How is it only the 5th of September? I can’t take 25 more days of this. If you know or love a midwife, PLEASE STOP SHAGGING AT CHRISTMAS,” she wrote on the social media platform. Midwives are rushed off their feet in September, with the most popular date of the year for births being 26 September.

Ironically, Christmas itself is home to the days of the year on which the least babies are born. So at least all the midwives get to spend the festive period with their presumably well-delivered families.






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