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Paid To Click sites or PTC sites are websites which pay their members in exchange of clicking ads on their website. There are other ways to make extra cash from them like Taking Surveys, Completing Tasks and Surfing the net. Clixsense is PTC (Pay to click service) plus survey site where you can earn money by viewing advertisements and completing surveys. You can earn from $0.001 to $0.02 on per advertisement view and from $0.1 to $5 per survey. It is suitable for all kind of users (for both beginner and professional online workers).



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Clixsense  is one of the Most Reliable and Most Trusted PTC sites who passed the test of time. It has been online for more than 9 years, and it’s getting stronger by the day. It never missed to pay a single member so you can put your mind at ease that this PTC titan will give you an opportunity to earn money and pay you without hesitation.

How To Make Money With Clixsense

First thing you need to do is signup clixsense. After signup, you will receive a validation link in your email account. Once you click the validation link, it will ask you to login to your account. After you login, it will ask you to add some more details in  your profile like address, secret question & most important is payment method. You can select your suitable payment method.

There are several ways to make money on clixsense, lets see:

1. View ads

Click on the button called View Ads in the upper part of the page. After you click it, you will see all the ads available to you. As you can see, there are different type of ads you can click on – Micro, Mini, Standard and Extended Advertisements. Each type gives you different amount of money for clicking it.


When you click an advertisement, a new page opens with the advertiser’s site. Before the timer starts, you have to solve a small Picture CAPTCHA. You will be shown 5 images – 4 images of dogs and 1 image of a cat. Click THE CAT and the timer will start. You must wait for it to reach the end. Now you can close the page.

2. Surveys

You can click on surveys tab, check the available surveys and complete them to earn money. You should check surveys multiple times a day, because there are 3-4 surveys wall available on Clixsense, and they loads surveys at any time. If you will check survey and complete them honestly, you will earn a minimum $3 a day, maximum is depend on survey availability.

3. Tasks

Another way to earn money in ClixSense is by completing the tasks. When you click on the ‘Task” link on the top, you will find number of different tasks provided by CrowdFlower, a crowd sourcing service that enables you to work on small tasks giving the opportunity to earn some extra cash. Complete tasks as per the instructions. This is the main key of success in clixsense.

4. Clixgrid Game

Every member gets 30 clicks on the ClixGrid per day (60 clicks for Premium members).  After you click each square, you are sent to an ad page where you are required to watch for 10 seconds (or 5 seconds for Premium Members). You are then told whether or not that square was a winner, and are allowed to backspace back to the grid to continue clicking.

5. Referrals

Referrals are basically users, who work for you. They are normal users and they earn money just like you – by clicking ads. But when they earn money, you earn money too!
Referrals are people who have registered in ClixSense and entered you as your referrer (they have clicked on your referral link, banner or you have told them about the great power of clixsense).




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