Pauline Hanson Wears Burka In Australian Senate

The leader of Australia’s far-right One Nation party has worn a burka on the floor of the nation’s Senate.

Pauline Hanson walked into the chamber and sat down ahead of her party’s bid to ban the garment in Australia.

Attorney-General George Brandis, a government minister, condemned Ms Hanson’s stunt and “counselled and cautioned” her against causing offence to religious groups.

Mr Brandis received a standing applause from opposition parties.

“No, Senator Hanson, we will not ban the burka,” he said.

Pauline Hanson wears burka in Australian Senate

In a statement, Ms Hanson said “the need to ban full face coverings in public was an important issue facing modern Australia”.

Pauline Hanson wears burka in Australian Senate

Her motion to ban the burka will be debated in the Senate later on Thursday.


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